Turn One Computer into Several Computers

The perfect answer for education is the Multiseat solution.
It reduces costs and improves productivity.

Exceptional Performance and Exceeding More Economical

The Multiseat solution provides saving from the the initial purchase to even lowering maintenance cost.


Cyber Security

Data breaches happen to even the most responsible user. By reducing the number of computers to a single PC, this risk drops dramatically. Data protection is easier and safer.

Reduce Operating Costs

Initial costs reduced to 40%. Maintenance costs reduced by up to 80% and electricity expenses reduced by about 70%. This is an excellent choice for those who want to save money.


The Multiseat solution and ThinGlobal’s monitors reduce power consumption up to 70%. Even the demand for climate control environments will also drop up to 90%

Choose the Operating System


  • The best option for an educational institution, universities, libraries, etc.
  • Use a Linux computer and build a customized structure that is specific to your needs.
  • No license needed for the workstation to connect to the server.


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