Get Your ThinGlobal's Network Displays

Video and Audio Over IP.  Build digital signage displays to impress customers, advertise prices or anything less.

It's Easy

No specialized tech needed.

Spread Your Brand

Start branding in holding points such as: waiting rooms, shipment rooms, landings, gas stations and even rest rooms. Promote new products, sales and discounts.

1 PC. Multiple Displays.

ThinGlobal’s technology and one computer create several digital signage screens to publicize your brands and products everywhere.

Awesome Durability

ThinGlobal’s technology allows updates whenever it’s needed. Just swap out for a newer PC. Modernize without spending too much.

Choose the Operating System:

Network Display Windows

  • Up to 15 screens from 1 PC

  • Schedule Content

  • Support Windows App Natively

ThinGlobal’s technology uses a Windows OS. Create many multiple digital signage displays.

Network Display Linux

  • Up to 100 screens from 1 PC;

  • Online Management

  • Create Multiple content sources directly

ThinGlobal’s technology, use a Linux OS. Build several digital signage displays.

Network Local Player

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Different OS options

ThinGlobal’s technology management programs use Windows, Linux or Android OS.


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